IAMSE Winter Webinar Series: Not Just Fun and Games

This webinar series is only available for UW affiliated faculty, staff, and students. Description of Series: Implementing effective, advanced active learning instructional methods into the classroom can be a challenge for health professions educators. Game-based teaching is a promising and increasingly popular learner-centered teaching approach that stimulates engagement, motivation, and effective learning.

CLIME Clinical Teaching Certificate: Teaching Efficiently

Online Event: Zoom WA

One of the most challenging aspects of clinical teaching is to balance clinical responsibilities with teaching responsibilities. This session will present techniques for efficiency without compromising the learning climate and continuing to maximize understanding and retention. Participants will be encouraged to adapt general principles to their own clinical settings

CLIME Clinical Teaching Certificate: Teaching in the Presence of Patients

Online Event: Zoom WA

Teaching in the presence of patients offers many opportunities to teach important competencies. Physical examination, clinical reasoning, and patient communication are just a few of the skills that are best taught in the exam room or at the bed side. Interacting with patients and families offers opportunities for experiential learning

CLIME Work in Progress: Desiree Yeboah, MD

Online Event: Zoom WA

Work in Progress on CLIME funded project "Black/African American Residents’ Experience of Racial Affinity Groups in a Pediatric Training Program

CLIME Clinical Teaching Certificate: Feedback

Online Event: Zoom WA

Skillful feedback is necessary to help learners achieve their potential. Feedback is most effective as part of a collaboration between the teacher and learner rather than a one-way conversation in which the teacher tells the learner how to improve. Participants will develop skills in creating shared goals and collaborating with learners to maximize the positive impact of feedback.

CLIME Clinical Teaching Certificate: Assessment

Online Event: Zoom WA

Clinical teachers must assess the skills and competencies of their learners. This session will focus on reliably and accurately assessing learners in the clinical setting – the session directly links with the prior session on formative feedback, as much of this assessment information can be provided directly back to learners as feedback. Clinical teachers are also often required to create written assessments to help course directors to evaluate learners and provide a grade. This is a challenging task and is highly susceptible to bias – this session will provide best practices in mitigating bias in assessment.