Pearls – Getting Ready

  1. Show students you are invested in them as individuals
  2. Demonstrate enthusiasm for your material
  3. Prepare class materials and your plan to navigate the material ahead of time
  4. Organize your room to foster discussion and collaboration
  5. Set expectations with your group

Pearls – Managing the Classroom

  1. Facilitate discussion rather than lecturing
  2. Redirect questions you receive to the group
  3. Plan questions and questioning strategies
  4. Allow students ample time to respond to your questions
  5. “The Dominating Student” Redirect, avoid engaging, reiterate all expected to participate, meet privately
  6. “The Quiet Student”: Ask a wuestion you know they know, pair-share, reinforce contributions, meet privately
  7. Plan use of the white board – sketch it out – use a “parking lot”, note key points
  8. Ask students for feedback before the end of the course