Humanizing the Classroom

About The Guest

David Masuda, MD, MS

Over the past two decades David designed and led a range of graduate courses at UW across the clinical and health services disciplines. These courses involved domains such as applied clinical informatics, leadership in clinical informatics, project management in clinical informatics, introduction to clinical care, and professional and career development. He was an early adopter of online and hybrid learning technologies and was given the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award in 2016. David completed his medical degree at the University of North Dakota and his Masters degree in administrative medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He completed an NLM post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Washington. David retired from teaching in 2022. He now spends his time exploring the Cascade mountains from his home in Leavenworth.

About The Episode

Humanizing the Classroom Part 1

In this episode our guest, David Masuda, MD joins Kate Mulligan, PhD to discuss how to incorporate teaching practices that foster wellbeing and encourage resilience to humanize the classroom.

Humanizing the Classroom Part 2

In this episode David Masuda and Kate Mulligan pick up from the Part 1 and get into a few more resilience coping skills you can try in your classroom and will cover the last category for advancing student wellbeing, connecting to the environment.  

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