Expert Perspectives on Race in Medical Practice and Education – Part 1

Episode 4

In a special edition of The Praxis, Edwin Lindo is joined by Dr. Rachel Hardeman and Dr. Eduardo Medina – two phenomenal scholars, researchers and amazing doctors from the University of Minnesota Schools of Medicine and Public Health – to take a hard look at racism in medical education and practice.

Dr. Rachel Hardeman is an assistant professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and is a noted health equity researcher. She studies the impact of race and racism on health outcomes with the focus on moms and babies. Dr. Hardeman spends a lot of time studying the pervasiveness of race in medical education and really thinking about the ways to dismantle the structures and systems that have allowed health inequities to continue and persist in our own country.

Dr. Eduardo Medina is a community health doctor who works in a community clinic in Minneapolis and serves a very diverse population of patients, has a practice in obstetrics, interest in public health, health equity (particularly around immigrant health care for poor and underserved communities), does research and focuses on social determinants of health, racism, community health and chronic disease management.

Expert Perspectives on Race in Medical Practice and Education - Part 1

by Edwin Lindo | Episode 4