Accessing TalentLMS for Clinical Certificate Program

TalentLMS is a learning management system (LMS) used by the School of Medicine to deliver training to faculty and staff.

The Clinical Teaching Certificate maintains 6 modules and 1 Clinical Teaching Certificate HUB on TalentLMS. These are called “courses” on TalentLMS.

All session participants will be enrolled in the courses for the Certificate sessions that they registered for and the Clinical Teaching Certificate HUB. If you have signed up for the program you will be automatically enrolled into the LMS. 

Each module will become available within a month of the live session. The Clinical Teaching Certificate HUB will be available all year round and will house emails, Zoom links, and resources used in the workshop. This does NOT need to be completed as it is just a resource hub. 

Courses you will see in the order they will become active

  • Clinical Teaching Certificate HUB (Active Now)
  • Learning Climate (Active Now)
  • Understanding and Retention (12/23/2021)
  • Teaching Efficiently (Opens 2/11/2022)
  • Teaching in the Presence of Patients (Opens 3/11/2022)
  • Feedback (Opens 4/3/2021)
  • Assessment (Opens 6/13/2021)