Request for Applications: Core Faculty for Clinical Teaching Certificate

Request for Applications: Clinical Teaching Certificate Core Faculty

To: All Faculty in WWAMI

The Center for Leadership and Innovation in Medical Education (CLIME) is launching a Clinical Teaching Certificate Program for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Certificate requirements will include attendance of six live, online sessions and completion of six online modules.

The mission of the certificate program is to:

  1. Strengthen the clinical teaching skills of all faculty who interact with learners (students, residents, and fellows)
  2. Foster a shared mental model of excellent teaching
  3. Increase the professional satisfaction of faculty in their role as teachers
  4. Highlight the efforts of faculty working to grow as teachers
  5. Offer an institution-wide, standardized, durable curriculum

We are seeking six faculty to join the leadership team of the Certificate Program as Core Faculty. This is an opportunity to provide meaningful faculty development in clinical teaching that will impact hundreds of teachers and learners. It is also an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues throughout WWAMI – faculty throughout WWAMI are encouraged to apply.

The primary role of the Clinical Teaching Certificate Core Faculty will be to lead one of the six certificate program sessions (see curriculum map below).

Core Faculty responsibilities:

  1. Collaborate with the CLIME leadership team to create an engaging session that meets the certificate program learning objectives
  2. Be available to lead the session on the designated date (see below)
  3. Recruit colleagues to serve as session co-leaders
  4. Participate in occasional Certificate leadership group meetings to ensure consistency across sessions
  5. Collaborate with the CLIME leadership team on an online module that will complement the live session

Competitive applicants will be motivated to optimize clinical teaching and have prior experience teaching faculty. An ideal Core Faculty candidate will be able to commit to the role for three years. Diversity within the teaching faculty and a focus on enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion will also be a priority.

Please contact Somnath Mookherjee: with any questions. If you are having issues with the application email Amanda Garza

Clinical Teaching Certificate Curriculum Map – all sessions 0900-1100 PST

Session 1: Tuesday, October 12th 2021: Learning climate

  1. Prioritize a positive learning climate as a prerequisite for effective teaching.
  2. Identify and employ actions and words which positively impact the learning climate.
  3. Foster a safe and welcoming learning climate for all learners.

Session 2: Friday, November 12th 2021: Understanding and retention

  1. Clearly state relevant learning goals.
  2. Engage learners in interactive learning.
  3. Use techniques which maximize understanding and retention: emphasize take-home points, use effective visual cues.

Session 3: Tuesday, January 11th 2022: Teaching efficiently

  1. Orient the learner to the clinical environment; set expectations.
  2. Prepare the learner for their role in patient encounters.
  3. Identify teaching opportunities in the flow of the workday

Session 4: Friday, February 11th 2022: Teaching in the presence of patients

  1. Simultaneously maintain learner and patient centeredness.
  2. Maximize role-modeling when interacting with patients and families in the presence of learners.
  3. Teach clinical reasoning and physical examination at the bedside or exam room.

Session 5: Tuesday, March 8th 2022: Feedback

  1. Collaborate with learners to create shared learning goals.
  2. Emphasize “coaching” and a “growth mindset.”
  3. Effectively use constructive and reinforcing feedback.

Session 6: Friday, May 13th, 2022: Assessment

  1. Use competency-based frameworks to assess the knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners.
  2. Write accurate assessments that reflect the competency of learners.
  3. Identify language commonly used that reflects bias based on identity, including gender identity, sexual orientation, BIPOC status.