The CLIME Membership Core is responsible for recruiting health sciences faculty from Seattle and the WWAMI region to membership in CLIME and facilitating networking among members. Co-Leads will be identified from interested faculty based in Seattle and throughout WWAMI. 

Roles and responsibilities:

Develop Long-Term Member Recruitment and Networking Strategies:

  • The Co-Leads will help develop strategies for expanding and sustaining the CLIME membership pool.  These strategies may include identifying member benefits and developing communication strategies The Co-Leads will be provided with regular reports of membership profiles that are generated by the CLIME operational team.

Identify and Network with Departmental/WWAMI Liaisons:

  • In collaboration with the CLIME Director, Associate Director, and Educator Development Core Leads, the Membership Co-Leads will identify CLIME liaisons from each clinical and basic sciences department as well as WWAMI entities. The aim of these liaisons is to foster bi-directional communication with CLIME, such that the Membership Co-Leads will share communications that highlight CLIME activities with liaisons, and liaisons will help to highlight educational innovations that take place across School of Medicine and WWAMI entities.

Represent CLIME Locally and Regionally:

  • The Leads will, depending on availability, represent CLIME at Departmental meetings and/or regional events to introduce CLIME and recruit members.

Meeting Requirements:

  • The Co-Leads will regularly connect via phone conferences for brainstorming on member recruitment and depending on availability, will be invited to join the monthly CLIME leadership meetings.

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator of CLIME will provide all levels of administrative support to the Co-Leads. In addition, the CLIME Director and Associate Director will provide the necessary assistance to the Co-Leads in implementing the above initiatives.