GEA National Grant Award Call for Educational Research Grant Proposals


In its strong encouragement and support of research in medical education, the GEA seeks to fund research projects that address important problems or questions in medical education. Proposals that foster collaboration are strongly encouraged. This includes collaborations among GEA sections (UME, GME, CPD), across GEA regions (CGEA, NEGEA, SGEA, WGEA) and/or proposals that engage multiple schools, professions or departments. High-quality research proposals on the following topics are strongly encouraged, but proposals in other areas are also welcome:

  • Professional identify formation
  • Learner well-being or mistreatment
  • Learning environment
  • Faculty development
  • Interprofessional education
  • Competency-based education, EPAs, or milestones
  • Self-directed/self-regulated learning
  • Virtual learning, COVID-related educational changes


Multiple projects may be funded each year up to $10,000 each up to a two-year grant period. The number of proposals funded per year will depend upon the GEA budget and proposal quality.

  • Applicants must belong to a GEA-affiliated institution in good standing
  • Applicants may submit only one proposal per cycle as the Principle Investigator(PI). An applicant may be an author (other than PI) on other submissions within a cycle.
  • Trainees (medical students, residents, and fellows) are not currently eligible to be listed as PIs or co-PIs on any proposals
  • The proposal is not currently receiving funding from other GEA grant programs (national or regional)
Pre-Proposal Submission Guidelines

Authors must use the submission template. Pre-proposals should not exceed three, single-spaced typed pages with 12-point font, 1-inch margins. The cover sheet, title page and references are not included in the three-page limit.

As the submission template indicates, the pre-proposal must address the following sections:

  1. Rationale of the study and review of pertinent literature (including conceptual framework)
  2. Study objectives and research question/hypothesis
  3. Description of methods
  4. Anticipated outcomes
  5. Total funds requested (brief narrative justification for each budget component)
  6. Qualifications of research team
  7. References

Download the Template

For Full Proposal Submission Guidelines and template downloads check out the AAMC webpage