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Workshop with Cha-Chi Fung, PhD

Designing a Faculty Development Plan to Improve Rating Accuracy

Presented by: Cha-Chi Fung, PhD, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Location: T-229, Pacific Room, UW Health Sciences Library, Seattle

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm


Description: The validation of any assessment tool requires the developer to establish a robust rater training protocol. In this workshop, participants will use the instructor’s own “rater training module” as an example to practice designing a faculty development curriculum in a topic of their own interest.

Objectives: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Develop goals and objectives for the curriculum that will address the specific problem area.
2. Identify educational strategies by which the curricular objectives will be achieved.
3. Develop a plan for curriculum implementation

4. Establish a plan for evaluating whether the curricular goals and objectives were met.

Target Audience: Educators in in the Health Professions

Presenter Bio: Cha-Chi Fung, Ph.D. is the Vice-Chair of the Department of Medical Education and Assistant Dean of Medical Education at Keck School of Medicine of USC. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from USC in 2003. After completing fellowships in Medical Education and educational leadership, Dr. Fung was recruited as an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at UCLA and has been in the field of Medical Education since 2001. Her area of expertise lies in the teaching and assessment of clinical performance and clinical reasoning. Dr. Fung is the Past Chair for the AAMC Western Group on Educational Affairs and a facilitator in the Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) program sponsored by the AAMC. Currently, she is spearheading the development of the Clinical Assessment Tool aimed at meeting the Competency Based Medical Education assessment standards and with potential to provide evidence for entrustment to the residency programs as part of the Core-Entrustable Professional Activities initiative