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CLIME Workshop with Monica van de Ridder, PhD

How to give negative feedback in medical education – Conceptual issues & best practices

Presented by: J.M.Monica van de Ridder, PhD, MSc, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids (

Location: T-229, UW Health Sciences Library
Space is limited!

Summary of theme and why it is important. 

There is growing awareness in medical education that feedback is a central element of effective learning and competency development. However, despite a wealth of experience and practice with feedback, the conceptual basis and empirical evidence on how to give feedback is still sketchy. Giving negative feedback, i.e. specific feedback that points to shortcomings in learners’ knowledge or performance is especially challenging as it might question a person’s self-concept or self-confidence. This in turn might weaken the constructive and conducive potential that feedback might have for personal and professional development.

Against this background, we will discuss different models and frameworks for feedback and focus on guidelines on giving negative feedback in particular, such as: how to establish trust, how to avoid ambiguity, and how avoid the right-wrong discussion.

Who should participate in the Pre-Conference Workshop?

Everybody who is interested in deepening his or her feedback competencies. Participants should have some experience in giving feedback in an educational setting e.g. undergraduate or graduate health professions education.

What will they gain from participating?

Participants will 1) share and reflect their feedback experience, 2) give feedback, observe and reflect on feedback in a controlled setting, 3) Share and discuss best practices especially with regard to giving negative feedback