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IAMSE Webcast and Audio Seminar Fall 2015 Series Now Available Free to UW Community

Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education—Placing Faculty and Students in New Experiences for Teaching and Learning

The Fall IAMSE webinar series has been traditionally dedicated to highlighting the most current issues in health sciences education, newest and most innovative technological teaching applications, and cutting-edge curricular developments that are advancing teaching and learning in the health sciences.

We will continue this tradition this year by focusing on programs that are changing roles of faculty from traditional “sage-on-the-stage” content deliverers to motivators, synthesizers, mentors, facilitators, and learning coaches; changing learning environments from the traditional classroom to more experiential clinical learning sites based in-part on health system needs, utilizing competencies and milestones to measure student learning and progress that foster a flexible progression through the curriculum and integrate basic science into the clerkships, developing curricula that focus on “student well-being and resiliency”, and modifying timelines for student progression to residency.

We are planning to include several of the new “Accelerating Change in Medical Education” initiatives recently funded by the American Medical Association. The description of the individual sessions, with presenters and corresponding dates will be available soon. Please check the IAMSE website for these updates.


Starting Thursday September 10, 2015,  12pm - 1pm EST
Ending Thursday October 8, 2015,  12pm - 1pm EST

Sept 10th

"Value Added Student Roles that Align Education and Health System Needs"
Jed Gonzalo

Sept 17th

"A Developmental Pursuit of Foundational Scientific Knowledge"
Kim Lomis

Sept 24th

"Closing the Gap Between Undergraduate Medical Education and Practice Realities of Today and Tomorrow"
Lotte N. Dyrbye

Oct 1st

"An Accelerated Pathway to Produce 21st Century Primary Care Physicians"
Tonya Fancher & Mark Henderson

Oct 8th

Educating Medical Students in a Clinical Environment Throughout the Entire Curriculum
Brenda Rogers

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