CLIME Conversation Café Recording: Ethics in Medicine

CLIME Conversation Cafe: Arts and Humanities in Medical Education

Visual Thinking Strategies

Speaker: Gina Campelia, PhD, HEC-C

Ethics content in undergraduate medical curriculum has a long history grounded in the four principles of biomedical ethics: respect for autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice.  These principles are useful and important, but are not representative of the value systems that clinicians, patients and families bring into the clinical setting.  The four principles are also over 50 years old and have faced a multitude of criticisms for inadequate attention to justice and oppression, which has only been amplified in the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Conversation Café explored some innovations in ethics curriculum for medical students that have been implemented at UWSOM and open discussion about what should be prioritized in ethics curriculum in undergraduate medical education going forward